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NGSH Series

NGSH Series

Summit NGSH Series gas compressor oils are formulated from the highest quality synthetic hydrocarbon base stocks. NGSH lubricants are extended life fluids with special additives to protect equipment from wear, rust and hydrogen sulfide corrosion. The NGSH Series lubricants have low pour points, high viscosity indices and excellent water demulsibility.

Recommended uses

The NGSH Series gas compressor oils are designed for rotary screw and reciprocating compressors in natural gas service. Consult your Summit distributor or application engineer for assistance in choosing the proper fluid for your application. Summit NGSH Series lubricants are compatible with commonly used seal materials and equipment designed for use with petroleum oils.


ISO 9001

Summit first received its ISO 9001 certification in January of 1996, demonstrating a commitment to quality assurance and performance monitoring. ISO 9001 certification is an international quality standard that addresses a comprehensive list of business elements, including management responsibility, order processing, purchasing, process control, traceability, handling of non-conforming product, and internal auditing. Our present ISO 9001 certification is proof of our continuing quality commitment to our customers.


ISO 14001

Summit is committed to protecting the environment, the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities where we work and live. We recognize that through integrating sound environmental health, and safety management practices into all aspects of our business ... we can offer innovative products and services while conserving and enhancing resources for future generations.


NSF ISO 21469

ISO 21469 specifies hygiene requirements for the formulation, manufacture, use and handling of lubricants, which may come into contact with products during manufacturing or processing. The international standard applies to lubricants intended for use in food production, as well as cosmetic, pharmaceutical and animal feed industries. NSF ISO 21469 Certification by an independent, third party provides Summit with a means to obtain international acceptance for their products. 

You can see a list of Summit’s ISO 21469 certified products by clicking here.