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The ThermaPhase Oil/Water Separator is a positive action solution to the problem of safely disposing of air compressor condensate. ThermaPhase handles a broad variety of synthetic (polyglycol, diester, synthetic hydrocarbons, silicone, polyester and mixtures thereof) and petroleum based compressor lubricants.  ThermaPhase should not be used on lubricants containing significant quantities of phosphate esters.

The ThermaPhase unit is a thermostatically controlled, electrically heated evaporation unit that separates air compressor condensate from spent compressor lubricant.  The condensate water leaves the unit as atmospheric stream and the lubricant is periodically drained from the unit.

Recommended uses

The ThermaPhase Oil/Water Separator is needed when the nature of the oily condensate created by a compressor is such that it forms a stable emulsion or is difficult to separate. ThermaPhase offers an economical alternative to having your condensate hauled away by a licensed disposal company.

Sizing ThermaPhase Units

Step 1: Locate on Table 1 the SCF/M of air factor using the inlet temperature and relative humidity of the application.

Step 2: Divide the SCF/M of air required by the application of the SCF/M of air factor obtained from Table 1.  This number is the gallons of condensate per hour required to be processed by the ThermaPhase.

Step 3: Pick a ThermaPhase unit with capacity to handle the condensate from Table 2.

SCF/M Air Per Gallon of Water Per Hour
Relative Humidity 40ºF 50ºF 60ºF 70ºF 80ºF 90ºF 100ºF
40% 923.5 628.9 436.5 307.3 219.1 158.1 115.5
50% 737.3 502.8 348.9 245.1 174.6 125.9 91.8
60% 613.5 418.8 290 203.8 145 104.4 76
70% 525.4 358.1 248.2 174.3 123.8 89.1 64.7
80% 459.4 313.3 216.6 152.1 108 77.5 56.2
90% 408.1 278.1 192.2 134.8 90.8 68.6 49.6
100% 367.1 250 172.7 121 85.8 61.4 44.4


Evaporation Rate - Gallons per Hour
TP - 6 1.9
TP - 12 4.1
TP - 18 6.2
TP - 24 8.3
TP - 36 12.5
TP - 54  18.8
TP - 72 25.1


500 SCF/M • Air Temp - 70ºF • Relative Humidity -70%

Step 1: Referring to Table 1 for an air temperature of 70ºF and a relative humidity of 70%, we find an air factor of 174.3

Step 2: Dividing our compressor capacity of 500 SCF/M by the air factor: 500SCF/M  / 174.3 SCF/M/Gal/Hr = 2.87 Gal/Hr.

Step 3: Referring to Table 2, we find it takes a ThermaPhase TP-12 to handle this application.


ISO 9001

Summit first received its ISO 9001 certification in January of 1996, demonstrating a commitment to quality assurance and performance monitoring. ISO 9001 certification is an international quality standard that addresses a comprehensive list of business elements, including management responsibility, order processing, purchasing, process control, traceability, handling of non-conforming product, and internal auditing. Our present ISO 9001 certification is proof of our continuing quality commitment to our customers.


ISO 14001

Summit is committed to protecting the environment, the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities where we work and live. We recognize that through integrating sound environmental health, and safety management practices into all aspects of our business ... we can offer innovative products and services while conserving and enhancing resources for future generations.


NSF ISO 21469

ISO 21469 specifies hygiene requirements for the formulation, manufacture, use and handling of lubricants, which may come into contact with products during manufacturing or processing. The international standard applies to lubricants intended for use in food production, as well as cosmetic, pharmaceutical and animal feed industries. NSF ISO 21469 Certification by an independent, third party provides Summit with a means to obtain international acceptance for their products. 

You can see a list of Summit’s ISO 21469 certified products by clicking here.